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We’ve been toiling behind the scenes for a while now — for over a year! — searching far and wide for assortment of fevered dreams and absurdities, heartbreaks and betrayals in order to collect and bring them together here in the freshest of compendiums, The Meekling Review.

And we’re thrilled to announce that at last it’s here!



Ah, a Review — we imagine you’re thinking–so Meekling is launching a literary journal? 

The answer is yes — but mostly no. This issue, No. SZQ.645π, is the first and the last, the alpha and omega.

Or maybe it’s easiest to say The Meekling Review is a slice from a one-off pie in the sky. Or something like that.

As we explain in our editors’ letter: 


“We stumbled upon the idea of a Review with a sense of despondency toward language and toward any sort of seriousness. There was something wrong with how sincerity juxtaposed against the absurdity of our current political climate, and the direness of our planet’s future habitability. What use are words when so devoid of meaning, what are promises without follow-through? We sought to take the formality and superciliousness of criticism and supersilly it, dash it open upon he dregs of our hopes to let it blossom in all its messy joy.”


Drawing inspiration from Pataphysics and Dada — we aspired  to turn the seriousness of literary criticism on its head and transform it into something more clever, playful, absurd.

How did we do? What did we realize? Anything? Nothing?

You’ll have to look inside. The Meekling Review filled with meaty ads and a prose poem about the performances of self, psycomagic-inspired tarot readings, symbolic logic magic, a catalog of opening paragraphs, a series of images and their artistic analysis, studies on rat habitats, and a alternative taxonomies of a distinguished literary oeuvre. 

We plan in the coming weeks to bring you excerpts and author interviews….

Stay tuned.

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credit: Murry Klumps aka Mary Climes


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