A couple of new publishing projects

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Here are a couple of neat-looking publishing projects I’ve heard about recently. They are both taking submissions right now, so get on it!


REAEDR: “A magazine of one word poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.” I am a big fan of NewLights Press, and I can’t wait to see how this magazine turns out. They’re currently taking submissions for the first two issues. Submissions for Issue One (“WAR”) are due June 5th, and for Issue Two (“FUCK EM IF THEY CANT TAKE A JOKE”) on September 1.


LED (Literature Emitting Diodes): An LED display in a storefront window somewhere in Chicago, with a different poem or short prose piece every month. Sounds like a really fun project! The submission deadline is the fifth of every month.


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Today, we printed and put together these matchbooks. John disassembled 100 matchbooks – pried open the staples and cut out the phosphorus strips, and then I printed “meekling press” onto some marbled paper and, on the inside, quotes from a few of the books we’ve published in the past. Marbling paper is my new obsession, and I’ll have to write a post on here soon about how to do it because it is truly so enjoyable. Then we put the matchbooks back together – stapled in the matches and glued the phosphorus strips onto the back. A good day’s work! (We also ate pizza.)