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“Everything good and everything bad is possible. You can disappear. Your body can be cut up into little pieces, wasted. You can be made to feel as if you are less than the animal you are. Your mind can be taken, used, destroyed. Your pride can be also. Your will can be taken. You can be made to want to die even though as an animal all you want is to live. But all good things can happen still. You can be given things still. You can have moments where you are made to feel as if you are more important than anything else in the world. Anything good, and anything bad, can happen. All things good and all things bad may be. Any and every thing will happen to you. Everything will happen. But most of all you will die.”

from Stan by Marream Krollos

Stan is the object of romantic and existential desire in this frenetic first-person exploration of the body, human longing, and the best and worst that the cosmos have to offer.

Marream Krollos was born in Alexandria, Egypt. She has since lived in Los Angeles, New York, Seville, Seoul, Christchurch, and Riyadh. She received her PhD from the University of Denver. She previously lived in Jeddah where she taught one of the very few creative writing classes in the kingdom.