In 2018, we made some zines to accompany our our Fall Lecture Series, Meekling TALKS. These are still available through our online store, or sometimes at Quimby‘s, or whenever you see us at a book fair, or from the writers themselves.

Trash Baby Manifesto by Chelsea Fiddyment

Buy it online.

Chelsea Fiddyment is a trash baby, and in this rambling monstrosity of an adorable lil accordion book trash can zine, she’s going to tell you why you should be one too.

Windmills vs Cranes by John Wilmes & Nicholas Davis

Buy it online.

This book was made to accompany John’s & Nick’s micro-talks about cranes and windmills. What were they talking about? Who knows? Cranes are buddies and Windmills are the resurrected bones of ancient giants? Maybe this popup book will help to clear it up, but we’re not promising anything.

Functions, Unlimited Handbook by Wheeler Dealer

(we don’t currently have this one online but Crum put some copies at Quimby’s in Chicago)

Who is Wheeler Dealer, you ask? Maybe it’s Crum, maybe it’s not. I don’t know. Anyway, he’s here to help you MAKE FRIENDS. In 3-D! It’s a deal too good to be true.