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Twelve short prose pieces that take place in a world just next to ours, resembling the clenched teeth of a child — how sharp they are & what effect they have on the changing color of the eyes. Unsettling & many wonderful things.

For example, an excerpt from one:

“I left the house in haste and forgot my bag. I had no time to retrace my steps. A cat decided to fasten itself to my leg. I dragged it through the streets and had a wonderful day. That evening, three little bone-faced peasant girls settled in my room…”

Twelve pages in a cardboard case wrapped with a red ribbon. All of the text is hand-set and letterpress printed. On the back of each page, a hand-printed woodcut of a house with a hat, from a drawing by Patrick Cottrell. Edition of 30, signed & numbered. 5 x 6 1/2”

The Jury of Sudden Hands by Patrick Cottrell from Meekling Press on Vimeo.