by Suzanne Gold

Spiral-bound & offset-printed in our Chicago studio
132 pages
Publication date: 8/2/2022
ISBN 978-1-950987-18-4
$20 (Buy Online)

Using an encounter with a work of art as a catalyst for the creation of meaning, ALLTALK is a magic schoolbus journey through the back roads of the mind, where memory, past experience, values, and other associative offerings lurk to add resonance to the act of interpretation.

Suzanne Gold is an multi-disciplinary artist and scholar living and working in Baltimore, MD. She received an MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she honed an art practice that spans medium, material and expression—always searching for the right form to catch the idea. Her work and research with the international art collective HAIR CLUB has been featured in the MoMA Salon Series, at the Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, and the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago. HAIR CLUB’s unique research methodology is featured in the volume Socially Engaged Art History and Beyond: Alternative Approaches to the Theory and Practice of Art History (Palgrave MacMillan, 2021). This is her first book of poems and illustrations.

Praise for ALLTALK

“here…a book beyond book, book bursting seams, book entering futures where ideas sprout legs. and we follow.” –Janet Desaulniers, author, What You’ve Been Missing

“I feel I am somewhere old for the first time in a long time. Calmed by instructions and slow unfoldings, satisfied by textures, I experience call and recall. I remember cobblestone, I hear a clear voice. On each page, I practice being present and letting go. Is this neuroplasticity? Leisure and laughter. Present tense. I bring my face to the wood grain and strain loosely toward further description. I have been here before.” –Oliver Baez Bendorf, author, Avantages of Being Evergreen

“It would be great if human existence sprung forth at the crescendo of a tidy speech, but it was likely more of an involuntary gurgle. So, uh, let’s hit pause on the eons-long conver- sation of what we see in the art and for a moment consider what it might see in us.” –Sammi Skolmoski, staff writer, The Onion

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